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Family-owned local business serving your blasting & painting needs

Kavips Blasting Ltd: Quality Service for Kamloops at Reasonable Rates

Anyone who has ever painted the exterior of a home knows that the hard work doesn't start at the painting, it starts with the cleaning. Come by Kavips Blasting Ltd in Kamloops for help with all of your sandblasting and painting needs.

Small or Large Jobs

At Kavips Blasting Ltd, we do surface blasting and painting on everything from your favorite antique rocking chair to your company’s semi-tractor trailer fleet. We’ll blast construction equipment, farm equipment and glass using media such as walnut, alumium oxide, sand and glass. We serve the residential, commercial and industrial markets throughout the entire Kamloops area.

Quality Painting

After we've sandblasted we can also paint your property! Our trained staff will do anything we can to provide a quality blasting and painting job to please our customers.

Let Us Help!

Next time you need surfaces cleaned, finished or painted, give us a call at 250‑374‑7303. We’re ready to get started on your project.

We also offer free parking and are wheelchair accessible.

Proudly Serving the Kamloops Area

Address: 730 Tagish St., Kamloops (BC) V2H 1B7
Phone: 250-374-7303  | Cell: 250-851-6199 | Email:

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