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Sandblasting and Painting Services in the Kamloops Area

From industrial deburring and surface preparation for painting to simple cleaning of dingy residential siding, blasting services are often needed for an array of purposes. Kavips Blasting Ltd can blast with your choice of either large or small media such as:

  • Walnut

  • Aluminum Oxide

  • Glass

  • Glass Beads

Cleaning, Rust Removal and More

At Kavips Blasting Ltd, we can clean your smooth concrete garage floor and paint it or remove grease from and repaint your construction equipment. We can sandblast propane bottles, clean boats and barges and remove rust and other corrosives from the handrails at your business. Afterward, we’ll apply a fresh coat of paint. What a difference!

Call Us!

Kavips Blasting Ltd even offers glass bead blasting for cleaning, deburring after welding and adding a distinctive finish to various surfaces. Let Kavips Blasting Ltd handle your blasting and painting project, big or small.

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